ACT 1 JR - The Little Mermaid

Next rehearsal -

Wednesday 20th June 6-9pm at The Welcome Inn.



A huge well done for all your hard work over the past few weeks in rehearsals and auditions.  We have now decided on a cast for the show.  


PRODUCTION DATES:  29th  & 30th June

(6pm & 8pm on Friday.  1pm & 4 pm on Saturday).




Ariel - Morgan Stoddart

Flounder - Grace Elliot

Prince Eric - Rocco Lewis

Sebastian - Cai Gordon

King Triton - Mason Williams

Ursula - Ellie Webber

Scuttle - Joseph Gardner

Mersisters (Pacific Team) - Scarlett Street, Millie Cayford, Seren Williams, Briana Simcox, Imogen Leech & Ellie Leech.

Mersisters (Atlantic Team) - Jessie Cable, Darcie Cooper, Megan Howells, Taia Jones,  Gracie Harrison, Natalie Sturcbecher

Flotsam & Jetsam - Johnathan Evans & Talwyn Gittins

Seagulls - Tion Gordon, Jack Haines, Tyler Owen, Carter Dunning, Jake Weeks &

Xavier Jones

Carlotts - Natalie Sturcbecher

Chef Louis - Olivia Saye

Seahorse - Benjamin Horvath

Grimsby - Harry Morgan



Anyone NOT names above will be taking the parts of the Sea Chorus and the Lagoon Animals



Pacific Team - you will be performing on Friday 6pm and Saturday 1pm.

Atlantic Team - you will be performing on Friday 8pm and Saturday 4pm

(You will be playing Princesses when you are not a Mersister).